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Ace Public Speaking with The PVPD Method™
(For Working Professionals and Students)

Hi! My name is Amrutt Bhatt, and I am excited to bring this Ultimate Practical Course on Public Speaking to you! This course will equip you with Simple-to-Understand, Easy-to- Implement, Sure-Shot, and Battle-Tested techniques that will forever change your public speaking game.

I bring to you a powerful course formulated on my real-life experiences with 50000+ hours of planning and executing public speaking events all over India and abroad. I have carved out my own unique space with performance innovation. I have collaborated with renowned brands like Mumbai Indians, Start Sports, Zee Cinema, Microsoft, Intel, HP, QualComm, PayPal, Star TV, Kellogg's, Volkswagen, Toyota, Reliance, TATA, Bajaj, Unacademy, Asian Paints, and many more.

What will you learn?

  • Amrutt's Signature P.V.P.D. Method Of Public Speaking
  • How to Implement P.V.P.D. Method In Real Life (Profession and Personal)
  • How to practically overcome the Fear of Public Speaking. Forever.
  • 10 Golden Nuggets of Public Speaking
  • How to win over major challenges faced when you speak publicly

What's Included

Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to the course videos

Monthly Live Q&A with Amrutt

60 Min Group consultation session with Amrutt Bhatt

50% Discount for Personal Consultation

Get together, revise and reflect.

Invitation to P.V.P.D. Certified Meetups

Interactive QnA session with Amrutt over Zoom


Phase 1 – Amrutt Bhatt's P.V.P.D. Method of Public Speaking

  • A Pen and a Notebook
  • Why Old School?
  • What are the benefits?
  • A broader definition
  • The right outlook to Public Speaking
  • Various Unnoticed Public Speaking Events
  • 1. What is the P.V.P.D. Method?
  • 2. How does P.V.P.D. help?
  • 3. P.V.P.D. Everywhere?? From Casual Meets to Large Conferences? How?
  • Issues with the TYPICAL approach of preparing for a Public Speaking Event
  • Why do we start shivering on stage?
  • A Fool-proof tactic of preparing for a Public Speaking Event, using the P.V.P.D. Method.
  • Real-Life Example on Preparation Phase
  • Preparing for Potential Failures on stage
  • How to Recover from - Memory Failure, Technical Stage Failure, No Engagement from the audience, and more?
  • What is Visualisation?
  • How does it work?
  • Impact of visualization on your delivery
  • Visualisation Technique Simplified
  • How many times should you visualize and why?
  • Can you visualize your office meeting? Really?
  • Why do people hate practising?
  • Why practice when you know everything?
  • Biggest practising mistakes made by 99% of us
  • How to improve your motivation with practice
  • The right frequency
  • Managing risk with practice sessions
  • A Sure-Shot, Simple and Powerful way of practising for guaranteed success
  • The right way to deliver your public speaking event
  • 'One Emotion' that will decide the fate of your public speaking event
  • 'One Technical Step' to condition your Mind and Body before your event
  • 'Most Essential Gesture' while you speak
  • 'The Golden Tone 'for Public Speaking
  • Never do 'This Adventurous Stunt' on stage!
  • 'Amrutt’s Secret’ to overcoming Positive Anxiety just before I get on stage in front of 1000s of participants
  • How to look at your audience? A power technique that always works!
  • Managing unforeseen/unplanned objections when you speak
  • Engagement ideas to involve your audience, save your nose if needed, and buying time if you mess up on stage.
  • A Hat, that if worn, will never let you enjoy your work!

Phase 2 – Implementing P.V.P.D. and Gold Nuggets of Public Speaking

  • Office Presentations - Change your presentation game with this approach.
  • Sales Presentations - Make your customers remember you for a long time with these tweaks.
  • Social Meetups – No more underconfident or anxious social interactions after you implement these changes.
  • How to defuse nervousness / stage fear (A secret that you deserve to know)
  • Dismantling fear of judgement forever. YES, FOREVER.
  • Impromptu public speaking (Amrutt's Impromptu Pizza Formula that will make a pro at impromptu public events)
  • Opening and closing lines (Ideally, the only two things your audience will remember)
  • Storytelling (3 step process is enough to make you understand the storytelling game. Live example included)
  • Simplicity (Secret influential public speakers understand very well)
  • Voice (Techniques that will help you communicate stronger)
  • Body language (Things that help you score greater attention and retention from the audience)
  • Stage etiquette and grooming (You can't do without these essentials)
  • Validating your performance (Methods to perform a Q.C. on your work)

Phase 3 – 11 Major Issues/Challenges faced by Public Speakers and their solutions

  • What does it feel like?
  • What’s a better alternative?
  • How can you overcome this challenge?
  • How it can kill your event instantly.
  • Why do we expect it?
  • Best way to tackle the feeling of Instant Validation.
  • Why do we knowingly not practice?
  • How can it destroy your event?
  • The ideal approach to resolve this issue.
  • When can this happen?
  • Right outlook to counter questions
  • How to tackle them?
  • Why does it happen to us?
  • How to deal with a Thought Flood?
  • How can you turn the tables with this solution?
  • Why do we fall for this trap?
  • How does it impact us?
  • A smart solution to this challenge.
  • Why is failing important?
  • How to look at failure?
  • Using failures as a roadmap to success.
  • How are they interlinked?
  • How on impacts the other?
  • How to tackle each of these issues smartly?
  • What kind of process is public speaking?
  • What should you focus on?
  • Time not only heals but also builds things.
  • How can it backfire?
  • When should you use it?
  • What’s the solution?
  • The core reason for this to happen.
  • How to look at it?
  • The Correct solution to this issue.


  • all working professionals
  • Students (Pursuing Graduation or Post Graduation Courses)
  • entrepreneur
  • any human who wants to ace At public speaking

about me

I am a TEDx Speaker, India's Leading Indie Drum Circle Facilitator, a Mentalist, a Game Show Host, an Author, and an Entrepreneur from Mumbai. I present to you my original P.V.P.D. Method which has helped me deliver events ranging from a group of 5 up to Wankhede Stadium with 22000 Spectators. Over 55000 individuals have been empowered, educated, and entertained over the period of 10 years of my career as an Employee and an Entrepreneur simultaneously.

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Rest asssured as each tactics you will learn in this course is tried and tested for over a decade.

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All you need to know

This practical course is about learning the skill of Public Speaking in a practical, methodical and easily implementable manner with the help of Amrutt’s P.V.P.D Method, Real-Life Implementation, 10 Golden Nuggets Of Public Speaking and Solutions to major issues that arise when you speak in public.
  • All working professionals
  • Students (pursuing graduation or post graduation courses)
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Any human who wants to ace at public speaking
There are 3 pre-recorded videos that total to 2 Hours and 20 Minutes. These videos have been made with the goal of providing practical ideas and solutions throughout. You are required to grab and pen and a notebook to learn in the old school way as there won’t be any template sent to you. The reason for going the old school way is mentioned in detail on the course.
2 Hours 20 Minutes.
  • A Pen and A Notebook.
  • Stable internet connection (Cellular or Wifi)
  • A device to login (Example – Smart Cell Phone, Laptop, Tab, etc)
  • And the enthusiasm to see the next level public speaker version of yourself
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Ace Public Speaking with The PVPD Method™

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