“Abb nahi sikhaogey toh kabb sikhaoge?”

We never talk about this! Dating is a crucial episode in a Modern Day Man’s Life and still we hardly talk in detail and openly about it. One unprepared bad date can dent a man’s confidence and it can take ages to recover from it. If we can educate young men on how they should treat, take good care and prepare for a date, it can help them build confidence, learn things about themselves and possibly find a good partner for themselves. It is 2022! “Abb nahi sikhaogey toh kabb sikhaoge?”

I bring to you a powerful course formulated on my real-life experiences with many interactions that I have had during dates and while talking to individuals about their expectations, experiences, blunders we make and learning they have had during dates.

I specialise in coaching individuals on Public Speaking on the Personal and Professional front. With over 50000+ hours of planning and executing public speaking events all over India and abroad, I have carved out my own unique space with innovative ways of communicating better. I have collaborated with renowned brands like Amazon, Mumbai Indians, Start Sports, Zee Cinema, Microsoft, Intel, HP, QualComm, PayPal, Star TV, Kellogg's, Volkswagen, Toyota, Reliance, TATA, Bajaj, Unacademy, Asian Paints, and many more.

Who is this course for?

  • Any Man above the age of 21 years and above
  • For a Man who is new to this Subject
  • Someone who is Serious about Personal Development
  • Someone who believes in building a Solid Presentable Personality
  • Someone who would like enhance their interpersonal skills

What will you learn?

  • All the Secrets of ‘How To Go On A Date Confidently’
  • The Gold Nugget Date Formula for Men
  • Major Mistakes Men make on a Date
  • How to present yourself Confidently and Respectfully
  • Understanding the Women’s Point Of View
  • Important things that you will never be told about dating
  • Powerful Techniques related to Interpersonal Skills

What's Included

Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to the course videos

Free Access to QnA Sessions

Question to learn more by clearing your doubts!

50% Discount for Personal Consultation

Save a major amount on one-to-one sessions with Amrutt Bhatt

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Events that will help you learn as part of a community

Course Curriculum

  • How it is the ‘Most Important Thing’ for you
  • Language
  • Body Posture and Gestures
  • Correct Words
  • Correct Behaviour
  • Why is it important
  • How to introduce yourself
  • Pro-Tips on Practising Introduction
  • Major Things to remember during introduction
  • Hand Shake! - The Grip, Comfort, The Right Style and Correct Body Language
  • Importance of continuous Eye Contact
  • Why does it happen?
  • The Secret Technique to overcome Nervousness
  • How to deal with an unknown topic during your date
  • Power of Honesty
  • Secret of 'Creating Interest'
  • Power of the word 'Feel'
  • Why is it important
  • How does it help?
  • Smiling during Conversations
  • One thing that will mess your date for sure!
  • What is Active Listening
  • How should you listen actively
  • How it boosts your confidence
  • Major advantages!
  • How to use Listening for the right purpose
  • Issues with Judgement
  • Understand the secret of ‘Ask’ Vs ‘Tell’ Human Psychology
  • How it works
  • Why does it work?
  • Power of Using one’s Name
  • Reference
  • How much to use
  • How does it work?
  • The impact of knowing one’s interests
  • How can one’s likings add colours to your date
  • How to weave their interest in your conversations
  • The positive impact of ‘Knowing’
  • The Golden Opportunity
  • How does it help
  • How to make good use of them
  • Mistakes we do while asking for her Number
  • Right way to ask for her number
  • Essential Etiquettes related to getting someone’s number
  • Essential Courtesy and The ‘Thank You’ text post a date
  • The most unacceptable thing people do with someone’s number
  • Why is it important
  • What does it mean
  • What mode is the best mode
  • How to manage calls during a date
  • What is Speech Tempo
  • What is the ideal Tempo during a date
  • What is the ideal Volume of speech on a date
  • Common mistakes
  • A MAJOR Mistake Men still do at a restaurant
  • How to ideally call for a waiter
  • How to report an issue at the restaurant during a date
  • 5 SUPER IMPORTANT Table Etiquettes - A Must Learn
  • Who will pay the bill?
  • What kind of restaurant should you choose?
  • What if you don't have the money to go to a suggested restaurant?
  • Bill Payment Etiquettes at a restaurant
  • Opening the Door, Correctly.
  • How does it add value to the date
  • Talking to the reservation desk (An interesting tip included)
  • Using Food menu for conversations
  • A key to know one’s preferences
  • How it can be a vibe creator
  • A secret Question that will give a solid impact
  • The correct way to ask for a bill
  • Before you ask for the bill you…
  • Posture - While Sitting and Walking
  • Where should you LOOK? - Correct Eye Contact
  • How to walk confidently and with a connection
  • The 4 Step Formula to be a Confident Man at a Date
  • Detailed understanding of each step of this formula
  • 4 Things that will FOR SURE LEAVE AN IMPACT on your date.
  • What is Storytelling
  • How to tell a short relevant story
  • How to choose the correct topic for your date story
  • A simple approach
  • Things to remember
  • How to understand the situation
  • How to respond correctly
  • How to safeguard yourself
  • How to conclude the date correctly
  • Safety for her return journey
  • Chivalry after the date
  • How to conclude the date
  • A beautiful gesture

about me

I am a TEDx Speaker, India's Leading Indie Drum Circle Facilitator, a Mentalist, a Game Show Host, an Author, and an Entrepreneur from Mumbai. I present to you my original P.V.P.D. Method has helped me deliver events ranging from a group of 5 up to Wankhede Stadium with 22000 Spectators. Over 50000 individuals have been empowered, educated, and entertained over the period of 10 years of my career as an Employee and an Entrepreneur simultaneously.

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All you need to know

It is about learning the Disciplines, Decorum and a Constructive approach towards the episode of going on a Date
A stable internet connection, a device (Cellphone/tab/laptop) and the Will to see a better version of yourself
Any Man of the age 21 or above who is serious about developing a Solid, Confident and Chivalrous persona and approaches the subject of dating positively.
We have 28 Short and Powerful training videos designed to give you Practical tips on things you should do before, during and post going on date. These videos can be accessed and replayed as per your convenience. It is a self-paced learning online program.
You can finish this course in one shot in a couple of hours. However, I recommend you see a few videos, make notes, let the content get absorbed in your mind and then checkout the next set of videos.
No. We don’t refund any money for courses purchased on our website.

‘Dating Master for Men’ A Course on how to handle a Date, for Men

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  • Understand things that you need to practice to be confident on a date
  • Learning things that will help you make an Impact
  • Boost your social skills with tried and test techniques
  • Let the Best Version of yourself be presented to the world out there