Hack Professional Email Writing

‘Your Emails Are The Assumed Replica of Your Persona’. If not understood correctly, the incorrect methods of writing emails can damage your image over a period of time. As a ‘To be’ or ‘Currently Working’ professional, correct and systematic approach towards email writing is a MUST! Why, coz over 90% of your official communication will happen over emails.

I bring to you a powerful course formulated on my real-life experiences that I have had working as an Employee and an Entrepreneur for over 10 years.

I specialise in coaching individuals on Public Speaking on the Personal and Professional front. With over 50000+ hours of planning and executing public speaking events all over India and abroad, I have carved out my own unique space with innovative ways of communicating better. I have collaborated with renowned brands like Amazon, Mumbai Indians, Start Sports, Zee Cinema, Microsoft, Intel, HP, QualComm, PayPal, Star TV, Kellogg's, Volkswagen, Toyota, Reliance, TATA, Bajaj, Unacademy, Asian Paints, and many more.

What will you learn?

  • 2 Solid Methods that will ensure you always write effective professional emails
  • Sure-shot tactics towards writing powerful and effective emails
  • Nuances that no one will you tell untill you mess up
  • Safeguarding yourself from unproductive email practices
  • Golden Nuggets on Interpersonal Skill over emails

What's Included

Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to the course videos

Free Access to QnA Sessions on Email Writing

Question to learn more by clearing your doubts!

50% Discount for Personal Consultation

Save a major amount on one-to-one sessions with Amrutt Bhatt

Invitation to Community Learning Seminars

Events that will help you learn as part of a community

Course Curriculum

  • 6 Essential Emotions your emails should have
  • Consequences of Email Writing Ineffective Emails
  • How Do People Read Emails
  • How to send Attachments Correctly! (Files and Images)
  • The Mail Trail Discipline
  • Arguing Over Emails!
  • Using your recipient's Name
  • Emojis in Emails
  • Replying when you are angry
  • Reacting Vs Responding
  • Telling Vs Asking
  • Post email follow-ups
  • The Worst Practice - Email TT
  • 3 Golden Phrases
  • Your Signature Closure
  • Showcasing Excitement!
  • Best Vocab for emails
  • Unnecessary Trailing
  • CAPITAL Letter’s DRAMA
  • The colour RED!
  • Automated Signatures
  • CC and BCC - Correct Use and Ethics
  • Writing PRECISE e-mails
  • Bullet Points Vs Paragraphs
  • Correct Intention of 'Replying'
  • Acceptably Short
  • To the Point
  • Keeping it Solution and Direction Oriented
  • Total Good Vibes

Who is this course for?

  • Working Professionals
  • Final Year Students
  • Interns & New Joinees
  • Self Employed Individuals
  • Self Development Enthusiasts

about me

I am a TEDx Speaker, India's Leading Indie Drum Circle Facilitator, a Mentalist, a Game Show Host, an Author, and an Entrepreneur from Mumbai. I present to you my original P.V.P.D. Method has helped me deliver events ranging from a group of 5 up to Wankhede Stadium with 22000 Spectators. Over 50000 individuals have been empowered, educated, and entertained over the period of 10 years of my career as an Employee and an Entrepreneur simultaneously.

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Rest asssured as each tactics you will learn in this course is tried and tested for over a decade.

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All you need to know

It is about learning a Tried and Tested Method towards writing Effective, Productive, Empathetic emails.
A stable internet connection, a device (Cell Phone/tab/laptop) and the Will to see a better version of yourself
Interns, New Joinees and Working Professionals.
We have 30 Powerful lessons divided into 9 parts to ensure that you get enough breaks and learn without fatigue. These videos can be accessed and replayed as per your convenience. It is a self-paced learning online program.
55 Minutes, that’s all!
No. We don’t refund any money for courses purchased on our website.

Hack Professional Email Writing

Amrutt Bhatt

INR 1999

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  • Save 3 years of energy spent on ‘Learning From Your Mistakes’ over emails
  • Learning things that will help you be an impactful communicator
  • Boost your social skills with tried and test techniques
  • Let the Best Version of your thoughts be presented to the world out there